sábado, 16 de enero de 2010


Reclaim is a award winning leadership and mentoring projet designed and delivered by Urbis. The projet empowers young people across Manchester to make positive changes in their communities.

Summer 2008 saw the launch of the RECLAIM Women's projet. Supported by a team of dynamic women, thirty girls from various South Manchester schools began the six month project that would see them rise to new challenges, demonstrate leadership skills and fulfill their potential. Through their manifiesto, the girs shared a message of positivity and empowermment to raise the sel steem and confidence of women across Manchester. A year on from the start of their project, the girls told us they wanted to do more. They are now embarking on real-world challenges including designing a brand new gym for the Co-op building!


  • Respect yourself.
  • Don't be a stereotype, do something useful with your life.
  • Step up to challenges and back down from confrontations.
  • Live by the positives rather than the negatives.
  • You can learn a lesson from anyone, young or old.
  • It's not where you come from, it's where you're going.
  • Don't let brick walls stand in your way.
  • "I can't" is just another way to say "I won't".

Hoy en el Urbis, he participado en el taller "Women's day empowering the young girls to be leaders", las actividades (en la entrada siguiente os cuento la actividad central del taller), el recibimiento, el trato, la experiencia en general ha sido un nuevo momento "cálido" de aprendizaje en estos helados parajes.
Desde aquí quiero agradecer a todas las personas la entrañable sesión de la que me han hecho partícipe, ha sido muy fácil participar en él por la profesionalidad del personal encargado de desarrollarlo.

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